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Our Approach

Yoga + Meditation

We use meditation, yoga & breath to develop body awareness & manage stress. Yoga & meditation build concentration, increase confidence, & are easy practices to continue at home. They help us learn to be more compassionate, focused, self aware, & can calm us down when are experiencing difficult emotions.

fitness + games

We create a positive & collaborative team culture by supporting & empowering one another during group sports, physical exercise, dance, martial arts + games. We approach fitness through the lens of mindfulness, which helps us to strengthen mental focus, physical awareness, & our emotional resilience.

art + music

Research shows the stress related hormone cortisol lowers significantly after just 45 minutes of art creation. Whether its visual, theatre, dance, music, or writing, art encourages creativity. It also increases brain connectivity, feelings of love, and boosts self esteem. All of our camps host a “Share” (think talent show) — its all about expression.

cooking + gardening

Gardening is a very interactive & engaging activity that excites kids to not only learn more about healthy fresh foods but actually cook and eat them! Led by guests Chefs from our community, kids will spend time learning where their food comes from, how to plant seeds, and how to prepare their own healthy snacks.