Partner Programs

It takes a village to raise a child, right? That's why we collaborate with the coolest kids programs in NYC.  JOIN US!

Original Kids


Mindfulness and social emotional learning through the arts

Rooted in neurosciences, mindfulness, cognitive psychology and the arts, our programs are designed to help children and adults develop self-awareness, social emotional intelligence and a healthy mindset through creativity and play.

Big Quiet Kids

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community x meditation

Bringing kids together to build community through connection, learning, and meditating regularly. Over the course of the program kids will learn to meditate, facilitate and share their meditation practices. 


School of Wonder

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adventure-based learning of creativity and empathy

Creating transformational immersive experiences (“Wonder adventures”), designed with talented artists and visionaries of NYC to help children learn what makes us human: to create, to collaborate, to understand emotions and be conscious citizens.


Cool Fit Kids

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Mindfulness x fitness for kids

Each session combines meditation, pranayama, music + sound, mindful movement + open sharing with sports, yoga, exercise, dance, running, martial arts + games. 


The Heartbeat Movement

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personal rHythm exploration

Providing a safe and uplifting experience incorporating movement, sound and breath that deepens our connection to spirit and community. Live drumming sets the rhythm, calming our minds, while simultaneously linking us to the steadiness of our own beating heart and connecting us to one another.


Mini Mindful Minds

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Mindfulness x self exploration 

Fun, engaging, intentional and creative students combine mindful movement, props, imagination, acrobatics, teamwork, conversation, touch, exploring senses, relaxation, discussion and meditation.

Students learn mindfulness tools and techniques for self exploration, and increased awareness, happiness and focus.